Saturday, 29 July 2017

Expectations - Positive or negative?

So this is it for me and Otto.
Wrist has taken a turn for the worse. And knowing the weather, conditions and area coming up on this trip, it would be nothing short of dangerous to continue. Also the chance of really injuring myself permanently was to great.
Yesterday was a hairy day, and after going a while agains rather sizy swells and strong headwinds, I felt a pop of pain in my wrist and I lost all feeling in my fingers. It wasnt like they were sleeping. I could actually not feel what they were doing.
This was kind of the last drop. And once finally on land I let the girls know that this would be where I leave them. I think we all felt that this was the right decition on that moment, even though it was hard and sad.

Now, I would like to give the biggest thank you for all the support and concerne ive gottn throughout this trip. I feel so blessed and cared for. This being from other teams going aroung Ireland, new and old friends, colleagues, total strangers and family. Without you all I would never have been able to get as far as I did.
I finnished 1/3 of this trip. And feel quite proud of that. Of course I am gutted and in quite a state at the moment. But I know I made the right decition for the team, and most of all for my self. I do not want a lasting injury when this is over. I know I did the best I could under the circumstances. And I really am in so much pain at the moment that I almost feel a little bit of relief now that the decition has been made.

Now the expectation I had for myself and for the trip, they changed almost on a daily basis for me. The outdoors never care about your pride or ego. It most sertainly do not care where you want to land and how long you have planned to paddle that day. So expectations for me was changed with great force. So did the insight to own abilities and paddlefitness..And I will leave here feeling quite defeated..But most of all blessed. Blessed for all I have seen, blessed for all I have learned, blessed for the people I have met..MOST of all the two girls I have had the honour of spending two weeks at sea with..They are the strongest and most stubborn pair of girls I have ever met. Qualities that makes me sure of their ability to succeed in this adventure. The teddies continue, one man short. But I believe more capable and stronger than ever.
I love you ladies dearly, and cant wait to follow and support - even though it will be from land this time.

I will travel home to Norway on august 2. And hopefully find a small comfort adventure (involving legs this time, as they are still working fine) to pass the time while I wait to go back to see and support them again.

Ireland we meet again - And I will get around in the end!

Thank you all

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  1. Aw Vibeke, sorry to hear this but U will live to fight another day!