Sunday, 16 July 2017

Day one!

Today has been an excellent day.. Full of nerves, excitement and anticipation.

We started out at Dun Laoghaire. It was high water at 1500 so we decided to set off at around 1230 paddling against the rising tide before catching a ride with the ebb.

Meaning quite a slow start until lunch and then moving a bit quicker but still Into a head wind.

Having been told about the wildlife around Ireland, I wasn't expecting to wait too long to see seals.

After an hour or two of complaining they started popping their heads up to say hello. It was amazing.

We haven't had much practice together so finding a pace that suits everyone has been difficult but I am sure we will come closer together as the days go by.

Had our first challenges of surf landings. By the third one we were improving. But we have had an unattended boat in the water Mm..

We have put out tent up.. Fast and easy then dinner was served.. The sun is going down and soon ready for bed.

Landed in Wicklow.

- Ashley

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