Monday, 24 July 2017

Almost in Cork day 11

Day 7 and 8 we spent the time recuperating. Vibeke visited the doctor and we enjoyed a few beers and dinner in Tramoure. Seems to be well know for its surf school and has a fun fare. Where I did lose the odd euro or two in the slot machines... and trying to win more teddies for the team.
After two days of rest.. In all fairness the winds were pretty rough too; we were ready to get back in our boats.. Forecast sun and light winds.

Day 9 was our longest stretch so far with 38km. It has been nice with a steady start and hopefully we will get some longer days in soon as our bodies adjust to expedition life. Great to finally get out of Tramoure Bay and we made it to Helvick head with a dolphin display on the way in. There is a spa at Helvick head for next time we will book in in advance. 

Great slip way next to the rnli station and we had a great night sleep on grass.. After the horrendous sand flees everyday at Tramoure.

Day 10 was beautiful. Helvick head to Youghal. Lovely channels and caves coming around Helvick head a few long stretches and we stopped at a beach for lunch. Luckily it was Sundays farmers market.. We tuck in to pasties and pancakes. There was a family on the beach who had seen us on Facebook. It was great.. The young boy had recognised our teddies. Yeah!! Great to have a chat and a send off. We had some great tips to watch out for a crane.. Which we found thanks! Rounding the next headland and then approaching Youghal crossing over the bay.. A romany surf in plastic drives down the hill.. I know that boat. And before we knew it Rob was on the beach to great us. Lovely to see a friendly face. We all enjoyed beer and dinner. Great with some company.. Keeping us sane and socialised.. As we have been lacking a few manners just being ourselves as you can imagine. We were stopping here to pick up our post. Looking for a camp spot wasn't so easy. We ended up lying under the stars on the slip way. Not so comfortable.

Day 11 Youghal to Gyldendal. Great start to the day by picking up our post.. Having a coffee and Rob joining us on the water. Our first guest paddler. Great with some company. Chatter on the water hadn't been our priority so it was lovely to break up the silence. After a bad night sleep and long day on the water.. We make it to a camp spot to later find out it a camp spot for teenagers and their teenage parties.. Mmm.. Fingers crossed we will get more sleep than yesterday.
- Ashley

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