Monday, 17 July 2017

Day four!

We haven't long got off the water. The last few days we have been trying to catch the tide as much as possible so today it was two hours on the water and then a three hour sun bathing then five hours non stop paddling riding on the ebb. It's a bit of a drag getting off the water at low water though with Frida's really heavy kayak.. Either the repair it had done on it recently added some extra weight or she is feeding us all from that kayak.

It's been a lovely few days paddling. Bit of head wind but it settled down today giving us a lovely days paddling. We got a good rhythm going in the group so that has been super.
Today was beautiful. We got the kokatat shorts and rash t-shirts on and our kokatat caps to shade us from the sun. Really impressed with all of our kit.

We have been astonished by the seals dancing around us all day and some other nature elements. I got a bug in my boat with pincer type tail on it.. He was crawling around in their keeping me on my toes.. I tried to drown him.. We will see the results in the morning if I have any bite marks. And then a poor bee didn't have the best odds either flying straight for my face.. The paddle makes a useful weapon against bees. Me screaming like a girl and making kung-fu with my paddle his days we over. Sorry bee.

We are start to feel it in our bodies today. We have made it to Rosslare and are excited to see what's around the headland.

- Ashley

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