Wednesday, 8 February 2017

About the team: Vibeke Steinvåg

When we set off on our expedition, I will have been paddling for exactly 3 years.
Not being so long ago, I can still remember clearly how I felt the first time I sat in a sea kayak. Peaceful, excited – I felt completely in love. And the feeling just grows stronger every time I go out.
There is no easy way to describe it. But for me, after many years away from home on the coast of northern Norway, I felt completely at ease. In touch with my heritage from generations of fishermen and outdoorsmen (and women). I got reminded of who I really am as a person, and what I already know. This was the activity I was meant to do.

In the process I was extremely lucky to meet and be invited to join very skillful and experienced paddlers, who not only very generously shared their knowledge and skills, but loaned me equipment and used their spare time to make me a better paddler. I am filled with gratitude, and  humbleness and honour to have been given such a gift and opportunity.

Through paddling I have found love and my best friends. This is where I am reminded of selflessness and generosity. And most of all the beauty and power of nature. Paddling is definitely so much more than a spare time activity. To me it’s a lifestyle and a mentality.

After some time paddling what I found most interesting and giving was long distance paddling, preferably as fast as possible, both in sea kayak and surfski.
I enjoy the feeling of accomplishment after pushing myself and my boundaries, and it suits my slightly competitive nature.
This is why when Ashley asked if I would be interested in joining this expedition I felt very excited and honoured.....And petrified.
But loosing my mother to cancer when she was still quite young, not even 50 years old, I made her a promise to always do my best to live life to the fullest and never take great opportunities for granted. I had no choice but to say YES!

For me it made sense to support a cancer related charity, and I am so proud to see people are already supporting our chosen charity: Barnekreftforeningen.

I am SO excited to join these incredible strong and skillful young ladies on this amazing adventure.


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