Wednesday, 8 February 2017

About the team: Ashley Williams

I fell in love with kayaking when I moved to Norway in 2010. My first encounter with kayaking was playing around on the fjords where I lived along with some friends who had a bit more experience. I was then asked if I'd like to join a paddle festival that same year to take a beginner course.
I went along to the festival where I met many experienced paddlers, this was an eye opener for me. Getting to know new people, learn all the amazing things they had done and even more to be able to learn from them. It was great. I was hitched.. And I still am.

Ireland Circumnavigation has been in the back of my mind for a while. Have talked about it with a few friends and then September Frida and I met for the storm gathering in Beaulandet and again the conversation came up. Ireland Circumnavigation? What do you think.. And we got to the point where you decide.. Let's stop talking about this and let's do it. So that's where it all began.

Having also talked about the Ireland dream with Vibeke a few times it was great to say come on we are doing this. And there we have it; team of three all committed to circumnavigating Ireland. This is where the planning began.

There are many motivations for the trip. Firstly I look forward to the challenge. I enjoy having a challenge and every now and then it is ok to push yourself that little bit further.. Mm.. So Ireland it is. It is motivating to be a team of three ladies. Men still dominate most sports so come on girls we can do this too. There has been inspiring women around Ireland and it would be honorable to be there on the list with them too.

What's great is that we can use this opportunity to raise money for Barnekreftforeningen. This is a big motivation to raise as much money as we can to support the children's cancer charity and raise awareness.

I am looking forward to fulfilling our goal. I am looking forward to every headland we will go around, the variety of conditions we will tackle and the challenges the trip will bring. This will be hard work but it is also my holiday so I'm looking forward to the laughs and the tent talks and of course the occasional Guinness.



  1. Hi Ashley. Left a post on 21June " Only 3 weeks to go". Info on our local bothy and source of free advice. Hope you find it - might be useful.J.

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