Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Finishing touches

Day 41. After spending the night on Mutton Island we wake up to the wind and rain. The snooze button gets hit a few times before we finally get up. Still a bit drowsy in our sleeping bags.

We are very grateful to Njord who sponsored us with a Marmot tent for the expedition. It's been great. So Frida is setting up her jet boil.. Which lead to a small blaze inside the tent.. Ahhhhhh.. More worried about the tent than anything. We did react pretty quickly. The jet boil was thrown out onto the wet grass and situation under control. Strangely this isn't the first fire reaction Frida and I have experienced together. The previous was at the storm gathering organised by Njord where my jumper set on fire.. So you can say we had our practise run.

There was a storm coming in so today was good if we managed to get to Doolin. There was wind from the side and a reasonable swell but not too much we couldn't paddle. Although this did mean we kept a safe distance from the Cliffs of Moher. Spectacular as they are in the bad weather we didn't appreciate them fully.

We made it to Doolin where the boats go out to the Aran island. And camping wasn't looking the best. so we went to the nearby campsite to see if we could charm them into letting us stay for free. Wasn't happening. So we managed to find a little sport right where the boats were leaving. Urban camping has its issues. Anyway we get into our sleeping bags and no one disturbed us. Until the scariest thing for me happened. I'm lying in my sleeping bag reading on my phone.. and a big spider starts to crawl over the screen. I jump a mile and start screaming.. Giving Frida a shock. Luckily the spider got the message and he quickly crawled out of the door.

Day 42. There was a depression passing over so quite a bit of rain and wind. Good option to wait on land and have a longer day tomorrow. So we head into Doolin to have a coffee and charge our phones. Quite a quaint little village Frida finds a ukulele she really wants to buy. But we have no cash and the question is if she can fit it in her kayak. So after a beer in the pub. She manages to get the pub to give her cash back. Welcome aboard new ukulele. Luckily it fitted well in the kayak.

Day 43. Doolin - Deer Island. Today the weather was perfect. Breeze in the back and little cloud cover. We were flying. Nice to have a down wind paddle and little surf along the way without it being too big. We get to Deer Island and there a loads of seals again it was awesome. We set up our tent for the last time for this trip and watch the seals all evening,

Day 44 Into Galway. The final touches to our trip. Just ten km to go. Galway is pretty flat and it was hard to see the entrance to the harbour. But finally with a bit of trial and error we get to the entrance. Quick and easy over to the RNLI building and we are on land.

Finished our adventure.


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