Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Three weeks to go!!!

The next time we see each other it will be in Ireland on the 12th July ready to set off for our adventure around Ireland.

The last 8 months has been a long process of training, organising, preparing, getting ready and now time is closing in on us quickly.

The nervous, anticipation and excitement are all building up inside us. We are very grateful for all the help we have received. Friends and family, sponsors and businesses that have help us out this far thank you very much!

We will be starting our trip clockwise around Ireland from Dun Laoghaire on the morning of 14th July. Weather permitting of course.

We hope to continue raising money for Barnekreftforeningen throughout our trip.. it is possible to donate here:

We will be keeping blogger and facebook uptodate as often as possible so keep watching.

- Ashley



    Consider booking in for a comfortable stay at Port Moon. Its managed by a local club.
    The website has info on tides and some free maps.
    Will look out for you along the north coast.