Monday, 13 March 2017

About the team: Frida Halvorsen

Photo: Eirin Myklebust
Hi! I'm Frida, a 23 year old student from Bergen, Norway. I am now living and studying in Volda. As a friluftsliv (outdoor education) student, I spend most of my time outdoors, either studying, working or just fooling around, in the mountains or on the sea. 

Kayaking has been a part of my life for some years now. Even though it started out with just a few trips a year in school when I was 16; already then I loved it. It probably has to do with all the different feelings I can experience when kayaking. You can go into rough conditions with the adrenaline pumping, or enjoy the calmest conditions where the mountains are mirrored in the fjord. To me, paddling is a great and different way to experience nature, and you can get to places you can't reach without a kayak. It has also given me the opportunity to meet so many great, funny and helpful people with a lot of knowledge. I have learned a lot, not only about kayaking, but also nature, leadership and life in general. 

Being hooked on longer trips, or expeditions, I am always looking for and planning new adventures. A few years back I visited Ireland, and seeing the amazing coastline surrounding this island I knew I had to return again with a kayak. Talking to friends, the idea of circumnavigate the whole island came up. So, when I realised that Ashley and Vibeke also was up for doing this it was no doubt. We just have to give it a shot. It is exiting and scary to see that every day we are getting closer to starting our adventure. Soon we will be facing the raw power of the sea everyday, and to think of all the distance we are going to cover makes my stomach hurt a bit. Because of this it is with great humbleness I am now trying to preparing myself the best I can, knowing I am part of a brilliant team, and hoping I will be able to keep up. 

Photo: Eirin Myklebust
My motivation for this trip is wide. Off course experiencing the nature is a big part of it. I can't wait to eat lots of chocolate and at the same time getting some big muscles (hopefully). I bet there will be quite some weird unexpected things happening when we spend so much time close together, and I am sure that we will all have a crazy and pretty cool trip no matter how things turns out. 

When going on a trip like this it is possible to get some attention and people involved. For me it feels good to be able to use this opportunity to collect money for something like Barnekreftforeningen. Perhaps we and you can contribute to making days just a little bit easier for someone having a hard time. At least I hope so. 

- Frida

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