Monday, 2 January 2017

Making plans..

Teddies on Tour will be a team of teddies circumnavigating Ireland. They will be escorted by a team of female Kayakers representing Norway.

We are a team of female sea kayakers planning an expedition circumnavigating Ireland summer 2017.

Motivations for our trip are to explore and discover the coastline of Ireland. Meet local people, discover local cultures and get close to the elements.
In connection with our trip we would like to raise money for a children’s cancer charity ‘Barnekreftforeningen’. We would like to promote women in sport and being active. We also hope to inspire new people to start kayaking and becoming active by sharing our motivation, determination and passion for the outdoors.

Team members:

Frida Halvorsen

Vibeke SteinvÄg

Ashley Williams

Each of us will represent a mascot teddy. Hence "Teddies on Tour."

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